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Powerplás presents news monthly! This agility allows our customers a multiplicity of solutions always with the final customer as our priority. The diversity of colors allows different lifestyles: Powerplás will color your life!

About us


Powerplás is a company dedicated to the development and production of plastic articles. The bet on a wide range of products for HOUSE, GARDEN, PET and BRICOLAGE, associated with its high production capacity and knowledge, makes it one of the main companies operating in Portugal.

14.000² meters warehouse
and 4.000² meters production area
20 Injection Machines
More than 600 molds
More than 6.000 items
40 Employees
13.000 tonnes of raw material per year
of which 65% is recycled material
Ship Worldwide
under construction.png
One of our main focuses is the sustainability of the planet


We are always searching opportunities to make people Happy! It’s with this feeling that we seek to make Nature healthier.

It is possible to produce attractive and utilitary plastic items and, at the same time, minimizing our impact on the environment.

Let´s live with nature always in mind and constantly look for new and smart options!

We care.

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